Friday, June 6, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Part II - Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital

I had my wisdom teeth extracted on last Friday, 12/04/2013.
Finally it's out and initially i was very very nervous. Knowing that I am safe with Dr Tay, I tried not to think so much!

Headed to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital all by myself, and did everything alone! I felt like I have grown up alot.. *swipe tears away*

Anyway, registered over the counter, had my blood pressure checked and was issued a number.

was asked to tie my hair and keep my manes under the surgical cap, waited for awhile before Dr Tay showed up, told me about the risk I would be facing and which are the impacted tooth and so on..

The process seemed to be taking very long.. but after i had extracted, i felt like "ok, that was easy". Tsk I couldn't explain that feeling!

I was feeling very nervous when I lied down, the nurses still put a green cloth over my face which only exposed my mouth. lol. It was hilarious, I'm serious.  

First tooth that was out was my upper left wisdom tooth which was extracted. Followed by the lower left wisdom tooth which was lying side way under my gum (impacted tooth). Dr Tay cut up the tooth into pieces, I felt like it was never ending process! Keep cutting, and cutting and cutting.. Before I knew it, I was done!

Followed by the sewing up my wounds..

Had to wait at a room for 20 mins with the gauze:

this picture was taken 5 mins after the surgery.

The nurse then gave me 6 days MC (like i got use like that haha), a list of what to do after operation, prescription and my teeth.

once my blood sort of soaked up the gauze, the nurse taught me how to change and I was good to go!

went to level 1 pharmacy to collect my medicine..

my trusty fancl supplement box!


after that, met bf at Yishun MRT and we headed to town to eat.

I drank a packet of HL milk before I went for the operation, hence felt very hungry.. bf still scared I couldn't eat.. lol I ate a bowl of udon and shared waffle ice cream with him.

Had my medicine and we went to catch a movie.


next day, unfortunately it was a Saturday :(
had to go back school for UK revision. *SIAN MAX*

had my lunch in school...

this picture was taken 1 day after my operation.

well, i was told by the nurse that because I am fair, I may or may not experience bruising around my jaw and neck. Luckily i did not experience anything and still managed to eat! I always believe that nothing stops me from eating. LOL.. Because when I had braces, I had to tighten my braces every month, some said they couldn't eat? But i ate as per normal.

Currently I am still experiencing a little bit swelling around my jaw, probably tomorrow or so will be okay. :)

Highly recommended Dr Tay, but she's not there everyday and I changed my surgeon to her as I felt safer with her since everyone in the forum went to her. Didn't regret it! But the downside is: have to wait for months because first, you need to get a referral letter from polyclinic, go KTPH to take x ray and make an appt with the surgeon and pay the consultation & xray fee.

2 months later then I managed to had my wisdom teeth taken out, but it's cheaper this way!

So i think it is only suitable for people who just want to take out asap, but if it's already giving you pain, better go to a trusty clinic to get it out immediately. *MAI TU LIAO*

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