Friday, June 6, 2014

Service Review: Salon Vim by ChezVous

It's been a long time since I blogged. 

Just an update of my current state - Family has decided to sold the house and we have moved to a rental place.. We had no internet over there hence I can't possibly surf net, watch show or even blog.

1 month into my current job, still getting the hang of it :)

So I decided to do a review on Salon Vim. Decided for a haircut at 313 outlet, requested John Tham since he is so popular among the bloggers unfortunately, he will be out of SG so i chose the most available stylist scheduled on next day afternoon and settled wit Lilian. Was quite scared so I went to google about her, found some bloggers' reviews but still.. skeptical about it.

Went down at 3pm, customer service at the counter is alright, asked for my name and asked if it was my first time there. Assigned me to the seat and asked me what drinks do I want, passed me a couple of magazines to read as well.

Before I could read finish the whole magazine, it did not take long before Lilian showed up. She asked what do I want to do with my hair, so I told her..

After the haircut, she gave me a light hair wash and a good head massage. Felt amazing actually. 

Later on, she blow dried my hair and gave it a little curl in which I cannot do it alone :( 

This is how it looks like from the back:

Went toilet and took a front view immediately and sent to my bf.. LOL..

Spent $50 for the haircut, and another $50 for their membership. I could use the $50 inside the membership for hair services except wash and blow. I find it worth it since I can get further discount if I recc a friend or additional discount during birthday month.The down side is, the counter girl told me they have finished issuing the card so just quote my hp number will do. I am quite worried that the next visit I go, they will take back their words.

Till then, shall review again...

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