Friday, June 6, 2014

Overview of my SIM-UOL Journey

I am so so SO happy that I have officially completed my 3 years of pursuing my business degree in SIM-UOL.

Ok, some background of my education.

I enrolled into a course called Quality Management Engineering (QME) in the year 2007 when I was 17 years old.

I had always love my poly life during the 3 years there, i had amazing friends, amazing lecturers, and even when it comes to assignments and projects I took pride in everything I do and I tried to give it my best shot.

Upon second year, our course in-charge decided that we should changed our course name in order to meet the competition out there. Being a quality engineer is not enough, hence our course was changed to Business Process & Quality Engineering. Well, it is a mixture of both engineering and business modules.

I started to take interest in the Marketing module that I took, presenting every week is a chore, but being a group leader at that time and able to achieve desired result made me feel accomplished and successful.

Finally, 3 years of poly education had arrived. Attended graduation ceremony and the photographer who took picture of me upon receiving my certificate did not do a good job. LOL.It's okay, I had already forgiven him.

I graduated with GPA 3.55 and in a glimpse of hope, I tried applying for NUS and NTU courses, but preferably NUS FASS. At that time my heart was set on NUS and did not bother to apply for SMU,knowing that they do go through interviews and their curriculum is different.

It was a tough journey when waiting for my pending application, only to be disappointed when I received snail-mail from two local institutions that I had been rejected. I know la, I have no outstanding CCA, O level also not fantastic. But still, I did not give up hope and I tried appeal for NUS, because I thought 3.55 was just nice for the course I can go in.

Who knows? I guess Singapore has become so competitive that people like me stands no chance in local universities. Therefore, I decided to join University of London External Programme in year 2010.

I enrolled into BSC Business and started out year 1 because my poly certificate is an engineering course not a business, therefore I could not advance to second year EVEN THOUGH I had already done with Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Marketing. :\

During my first year, I did not get to choose my lecturers and time slot like everybody does in other courses. I was scheduled mostly 8.30am to 11.30am at Management House near National JC if i remember correctly.

I did not make a lot of friends, only a few who in the end, became just hi-bye friends.But I have seen many ex-classmates that really sticked throughout their 3 years in UOL. Really happy for them, although I do not know them, I know they had found some long-term friends in school.

For me, I prefer to just go to class, listen and just leave. I do not stay in school for dinner, nor go town after class. It is always class then home. Life was boring to be honest, but I really had no time to invest my effort to manage so many friendships.

Year 1 result came, and I almost cannot make it to year 2. Fortunately I scraped through 2 modules and unfortunately, I failed 1 which is the ever famous Intro to Economics which questions set by the famous guy.

I proceed to year 2, retaking economics and 4 new units. I worked hard on Intro to Economics and I saw the effort paid off when I scored 3 times better than the first. I was very happy, in fact flying up to the sky soon. I did not expected to get a second upper for my Ebiz as well. However, a module that should be scored 70 was done poorly due to the fact that I had 2 papers on the same day. It really sucked but that's ok..

When I proceed to year 3, I know I need another 3 more 60s in order to secure a second upper. I did what I can, studied hard and revised regularly.

But I realised that even if I started revision early and do PYPs early, does not mean I could still remember when the exam dates are nearing. I learnt it the hard way during my 2nd year, so I decided to leave PYP to nearer dates and I just focused on revising each chapter covered everyday after class.

I do not know why am I so nervous and stress this year seriously. Probably because I am trying to aim 2nd upper honours when I could just leave it to fate and consider myself lucky that at least I pass will do. But my boyfriend disagreed and pushed me further to my goal. I am very glad that he did, and my friend who had graduated last year kept motivating me that I can do it.

Finally, when the last paper ended, it was SO RELIEVED. I have never felt so happy before. Thank god for everything. Whatever the results this coming 13th August, I shall be prepared and be glad that at least I had put in my very best effort even though I had many thoughts on giving up. I pulled it through and I shall celebrate this day.

This coming June, I will be going for a week holiday with my boyfriend to the city of shopping - Bangkok! Initially we had planned to explore Taiwan but due to the latest bird flu cases in China, I was afraid that it would affect Taiwan hence we changed the destination to Bangkok. It's time to revisit this baby anymore, it's been 2 years since I return back. Although this would be a budget trip, I foresee a relax trip before I start working as a working adult.

I am now trying to look for job, but do not know what I want to work as...Shall see what opportunities lie ahead me then.

I am also start to look into investing knowledge through books to self-enhance myself for a better retirement in the future. Planning is necessary and I would use this time to gain knowledge while start saving.

I do not know what my future will bring me to, but I do hope whatever job that I landed into, it would be a fun, loving family kind of workplace.

That's all for now. Shall update more soon..


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