Friday, June 6, 2014

Product Review - Innisfree Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W

Today I'm going to do a acne-care product review.

I have been searching for a good pimple gel/cream for the longest time. In the past, I had used Neutrogena pimple cream and Oxy 5 every night whenever I had pimples. It instantly cleared all the bumps and blackheads and gave me a clear skin the day after I applied. 

However, perhaps due to the often usage of Benzoyl Peroxide products, my skin has started to feel irritated upon the contact of BP

So I have lived without using pimple cream for awhile and bumps on my forehead just doesn't want to clear. I was desperate that I bought benzoyl peroxide milder ones like 2.5% to try, dilute with water etc.. It just don't work. My face would turn red and itchy, feel irritation for a few days. 

Then I came to know about Innisfree - a Korean skincare product from my boyfriend's mother. She passed me a sample of the clay one and the cream one. I applied the cream one during the day, the clay at night.

I know I can trust Innisfree because when it comes to skincare, Korean products does deliver result. They take skincare products very seriously. 

Singapore does not sell innisfree here, so I bought mine through from a Korean seller. 

The seller was nice enough to provide few samples for me to try, though I doubt I will be trying.. *See how*

I bought it at SGD$24 which is in registered mail. I would say it is reasonably priced since it does dry up pimple fast yet does not irritate my skin!

This spot essence helps to treat and soothe bumpy, troubled skin presenting you with a smooth skin surface with its outstanding peeling effects of torreya seed oil and natural originated salicylic acid.

After skin toner and lotion, apply a small amount onto bumpy, troubled skin area

As shown in the picture above, the product comes out as a light cream texture that is easy to spread and has a lightly medicated scent to it which I like because at least I know it has medicated ingredients inside and I feel really safe to use it.

It does what it says. Seriously, those who have sensitive acne prone skin should try this because it does a wonder for me. For instance, I had an almost riped pimple on my forehead for days, and I applied this for 2-3 days. The next day after first application, the redness around the pimple has subsided. Second application dried up the pimple and became a little smaller compared to the day before. On the third application, I woke up seeing my pimple totally dried up but I did not bother to pick at it and decided to let it drop out itself. While I was washing my face, the dried up pimple came out and now my forehead only has a slightly red mark on it. I really regretted squeezing my angry pimple below my chin because it left a dark scarring there, if I have bought this product earlier, I should not have this scar. 

I will definitely repurchase this and recommend this to my friends if they were to ask me of any pimple cream that is gentle and effective.



  1. Is this product help to seal the acne scar ?

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