Friday, June 6, 2014

Rebonding Review: Lynna @ Marsiling vs Auntie Xiuzhen @ Jurong West

Since Chinese New Year is coming, I decided to do something to my fizzy and 'hard' hair..
Before that i accompanied my mom for facial so I 'shuan bian' trim my eyebrow.

Photo taken before I left the house..
As u can see, the center part of my hair is wavy and out of shape.. even my eyebrow is ugly.

So while my mom is doing facial, i told the lady to help me trim eyebrow and i specifically requested not to have high arch and she said ok.

In the end, the eyebrow is still a little high :( For $5 i can't complain.
I think i trust Esther from FEP better.. although pricier $12 or $15 i think.

After that, we rushed to meet Auntie Xiuzhen for rebonding. This is my first time doing with her.. Excited about her skills and also heard that she is quite straight forward and fierce looking but actually very nice.

My appointment was 2pm but when I reached Boon Lay Mrt it was already 1.50pm. So i rushed to take cab down because I know there's still quite a distance to her house.

Seriously, her house quite hard to find especially if you don't live at Jurong area.. Even the taxi driver found it hard to locate the block, we had to go into the car park and searched slowly..

And finally, i reached her place. Below her house there are ongoing construction for lift upgrading.. Apparently the hdb is the old kind..

Reached her place, I think it was her husband who opened the door for us, friendly uncle.

First impression of Auntie Xiuzhen is friendly not fierce. She was smiling at us, and I thought to myself maybe she will be kind to me and i sort of relieved.

When it was my turn to apply the cream, she started commenting my hair saying it was hard... very wavy.. and she said looking at my hair she know i am a very stubborn person. (?? LOL.) I told her it was genes, but she straight away objected and said our hair is affected due to what we think.

That means if we stress, the quality of hair will be hard etc. I do agree in certain way, but i also commented that it may also due to lack of care and previously i had badly damaged layered hair since young. She said I should not blame the hairdresser's skills, it was all about our brain, what we thinks affect it. Ok fine, then i sort of smiled and acknowledged.

She is a very chatty person and you will not be bored with her. To be honest, I am kind of trying hard to talk to her because I do not want to appear hostile even though I don't feel like talking much.. As I have already read from many forum reviews that she will probed into customers' personal life and details, I am prepared for it.. But i did not expect her to know all details and yet spread all out to other customers.

 Some forumers said it was uncomfortable to wash their hair in the small toilet, and they washed it themselves? But auntie xiuzhen washed for us today and it was an okay experience, just sit there and she will wash it for you.

I am also okay with blow drying my hair and she asked me to dry it thoroughly so I believed I did so. When it was my turn to start doing the rebonding, I think she touched my hair and it was still a bit wet and when she started blow drying my hair, I felt that she actually forced her fingers down my tangled wet hair which caused me great pain. I expected her to be meticulous in this area though because I am quite concern about my hair dropping.

While rebonding halfway, she asked me to go back sit awhile while she go wash another girl's hair and dry it for her, and then proceed to apply cream to the next customer who came after me. All this while my mum had waited till almost 4 hours and she fell asleep because she is not really a chatty person.

That was the time I felt abit irritated already because I kept waiting and waiting but I told myself no choice, she is doing it alone.. so I just endured the waiting time.

Finally i was asked to be seated and resume the rebonding. It was very very flat.. HAHA, but I have to say her skill is not bad because the result was smooth and silky hair.

I realised she applied the first cream near the roots but not the ends. Afterwards, she would wash my hair, dry it and rebond all the way to the ends. Then she set the straightened hair with second cream. After 15-20 mins washed hair again and viola! smooth and straight hair.

I am glad she didn't apply the first cream till the ends because that means I will get poky straight ends. But because she did not, and only 'kiap' the ends for temporary straightened effect, I believe after a few wash my hair will look naturally straight.

For now, I am quite concern about my flat hair at the top crown area.. argh, must 'ren' - endure.

So, whats my take between Lynna from Marsiling vs Auntie Xiuzhen from Jurong West?

Here's a summary:

Auntie Xiuzhen @ Jurong West
Lynna @ Marsiling
Smooth and silky hair, but quite flat
Smooth and silky hair, but flatter because she applied the cream on my ends as well but it lasted 1 year for me. Not bad.
Quite hard to find the block if you are not familiar with Jurong area. It is located inside and quite a distance away from bus stop
Easier to locate although still need to take a bus from Marsiling MRT. But bus stop just opposite her block if I remember correctly.
Friendly, love to chit chat and talk about other customers’ personal details. Straight forward and truthful, down to earth.
To be honest, I think only a certain type of people will like her, that is, able to take her criticisms and her probing into your personal life. Other than that, she is fantastic.
During the waiting time, there is no entertainment, only stacks of magazines and lao fu zi comics.
Friendly, does not talk a lot but still try her best to understand customers.
During the waiting time, she will on her laptop to put online shows for you to watch. Good for people who are easily bored and have nothing to talk, just want to sit there, do and go kind.

Here's a picture of my trimmed eyebrow (i got draw so the tail look longer btw) and my rebonded hair.

Thank you for reading.
Good day.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the review! Can I check if the rebonding is very straight? Cos I'm looking for more natural looking hair after rebonding

    1. Yes it was straight and quite natural, but after 1 year plus the ends were kinda dry.

  2. The one at marsiling do you mind share the address? Thanks ;)

  3. The one at marsiling do you mind share the address? Thanks ;)

  4. The one at marsiling do you mind share the address? Thanks ;)

  5. Hi Cynthia, sorry I do not have the Marsiling address anymore. Perhaps u can try google it, should be able to find...

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  10. I don't think Lynna's home saloon is really that cheap. If you go to a proper saloon, the hairdresser usually will open the brand new shisedo Rebonding chemical and other chemical one by one and mixed all ingredients in front of you with some explanations and you know what exactly the hairdresser applied on your hair. When doing the mixture, Lynna will purposely be too talkative in order to distract you away when she mixed the ingredients and of course she won't show you one by one and you won't know what she has shortchanged you. Her skill is not really that good and at the best interest of the customers as she will apply all chemicals directly onto your scalp. In a proper saloon, professional hairdresser will minimise the contact of chemicals to your scalp as all these chemical can be carcinogenic and harmful to skin. She also tends to put the hair dryer too near to my scalp that I felt my scalp swelling. Lynna can be very hard selling. Some customers shared with me she will try to hard sell MLM products. She can also be very nosy and tried to find out about your background and evaluate whether she has the chance to up sell or charge higher. Inflation is just an excuse, when all other saloons stay the same in price for years, she will keep increasing her price.