Friday, June 6, 2014

Service Review: Eyebrow Embroidery @ #1 Bishan Salon by Amy

Have you ever wonder how celebrities look like without their eyebrows?


Eyebrows are like a second window to our eyes. 
Strange enough, gorgeous celebrities still look like shit or alien without their nicely defined brows. 

Well, I am born with not much hair on me (ahem) my eyebrows has no obvious 'tail' at the end of the arch. 

my bare eyebrow on my right and left was the one being drawn already.

I have always like thick and full brows like those Koreans stars. haha..
so I bought an Etude house brow pencil in gray (in love with it. CHEAP) since I am not going to dye my hair anymore, I know I will stick to grayish black colour for my brows.

I like what the pencil can deliver, but it's just a tad troublesome to draw my brows every time I decided to put on some make up. I am not an artist, hence my drawing kinda sucks... I believe that in order to achieve defined good brows, you need to have some artistic skills in you la, especially someone like me who has no 'tails' naturally. 

Sometimes it can be quite frustrating just to draw out that tail, yet no hair to allow me to trace and just shade inside. 

SO right, my bf's mum actually had her eyebrow embroidery done and I didn't even notice it until she mentioned. She told me it was affordable, lasting and natural. I am so into it at that moment and she helped me to book a slot with them which is the same day as her touch up appointment.

but MIND YOU, the salon that she went, that is, the one I was intending to go, had to book 3-4 months in advance! It's seriously damn long wait, but since I am not in a rush, I just went ahead to book an appointment on 17th July.

I went to forum after that to look for many reviews. Apparently Amy from #1 Salon is famous and infamous. Famous being she has been doing for many celebrities and she is very popular,the youngsters and the middle-aged aunties. The infamous part is that the long waiting hours when you suppose to do on your appointment time. BUT HELL NO. Okay, let me explain. My appointment was 3.15pm and I waited for 1.5 hours close to 2 hours for Amy to do mine. But I have also overhead some ladies had book Amy yet couldn't wait that long and decided to let other people do their brows. I was like 'oh come on.. you have been waiting for 4 months for Amy to do and now you cannot wait and just let her staff to do yours?' I die also will wait until Amy is okay, because I am not safe in other people's hand.Oh, another con is that although the waiting is long, the process only took around 15 mins to finish! I really wonder how their booking system works. -.- so sucks.

By the way, Amy is generally nice but tend to be very talkative and gossipy.I feel that I do not have any say in what type of brows I prefer. EVEN THOUGH she said "you young girls like Korean brows, arch not high one" So i thought "okay, I will be in good hands" and happily lied on the bed for her to start.

She took out a pencil and a wooden stick to mark the arch and the end of the tail. She just said "ok, i will do chocolate dark brown on you" I was like "what? but my hair is black, you sure it will come out natural on me?" She replied something like "yeah don't worry".

She started applying some numbing cream on me while I was lying down, after 5 mins she started using the tool to do already. This is the weird part, I see some girls review for other places like browhause, Sophia brow house etc had their numbing cream applied for some time and some more its those THICK CREAM. What Amy did was applied, after awhile, she used the machine on me and kept going back and forth especially my 'tails', yet at the same time, she kept applying something on my brows.

SERIOUSLY, I don't know what she applied. Assuming it was the numbing cream, then hers sucks la. I can literally feel the pain like tattooing on my skin, but she didn't even ask if I was okay (obviously I was twitching my eyes and clenching my fists in all nervousness. 

After a good 15 mins, I am done and she gave me a mirror to check. The moment I was done I just wanted to get out of the place :( 

The brows is not what I wanted even though I thought she know I want Korean kind, thicker in front with YI ZHI MEI (straight brows) with a tail behind and I expected it to be GRAYISH BLACK.

:( At that moment, I was like kinda regretted paying that $180.

Well, this was taken straight away at Junction 8 toilet. The front of my brows look kinda uneven and its BROWN.

I did called back to the salon and enquired if the free touch up in Nov (book 4 months in advance again wtf -.-) can I request for a grayish black colour. She replied that when my appt date arrive, I should consult Amy personally and see what she can do.

I was like "okay lor."

I mean hmm maybe some girls like my brows and Amy did a good job, it turned out natural in the end, but it is not what I want! :( bu dong wo de xin.

Sorry for the lighting but it was taken after my shower and it was very dark.

The overview of both brows.. 

Didn't take a picture for consecutively but this was taken almost 1 week later. The tails scab is still there. Btw, why Amy didn't give any scar/healing cream one ah? *angry*

At this point, I am quite relieved that it turned out quite natural. Some people said Amy's work is too light and advised to ask for a darker one during the touch up. But it think it's perfectly fine for me.

Today is Day 10 and since all the scabs has fallen off, I decided to take this chance to blog about my experience!

Seriously, I am quite okay with the brown already... But would really prefer a colour more natural to my own hair since my hair is really black. I chopped off all my dyed hair ends so that my hair will grow out in the same colour and colouring my hair will damage my frizzy hair even further.

In terms of affordability, it is $180 with a free touch up, I guess it is still affordable to many people.

In terms of service, I heard they are nicer to first time customers. Shall see when I go back for a touch up.

In terms of after-sales service, nope nothing at all. But I have heard many people raved about after-sale service from Kelly (perfect brow house) and hers only $150 for EE la!

In terms of waiting, if you need to do it urgently like your wedding is coming, then don't go for Amy. Seriously, 4 months of waiting is no joke for some people. They booked a slot but gave up because they were too tired of waiting and waiting. REACH ON TIME STILL MUST WAIT WHA LAO.

In terms of professionalism, hmm I guess it's still not bad. The place is 2 storeys and I can see her business is quite good until the list is like filled with names.

I am still thinking whether I should go for the free touch up. Really really do not want Amy to mess up my brows or give me something I don't fancy. Seriously, she needs to give customers some freedom to say what they want to do and not just decided by her.

I have already enquired Kelly from Perfect Brow House and I shall see how again. Heard she is super nice (although a PRC) but she would text/call her client after 1 week to ask whether her brows are okay. If not, she would offer the client to come down to let her see. When I called her, she was actually doing someone else brows and she patiently answered my questions. After knowing I had many dying questions to ask her, she patiently said if she can call me later as she was doing her client's brows. I was so apologetic and yet she apologised instead of me, really hands down to her service.

Till then, shall update this space again if I have anything to share regarding my eyebrow embroidery.



  1. Hi just wanted to know did u go back for free touch up.

  2. Hi just wanted to know did u go back for free touch up.

  3. Nope I did not because the pain is too much to bear. lol

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    1. Hi Beauty Undercover,

      Sure, you may use this blogpost and use it under your page!

  5. My friend highly recommended this place to me. After reviewing your experience, I think it's better for me to give up, simply because 1) I have no patience to wait for 4 months 2) I like to be given a choice on how my eyebrow should look like.

  6. I did mine by Amy too. Waited for a good six months till Aug 2017. I would say she's good in arched brows but not thick and fuller brows as my first brows was compliment by many in the past. Recently was my second time and was a totally disaster to me. The brows was not even. The receptionist doesn't allow me to return for Amy to rectify. She mentioned nobody has same exact eyebrows. Totally agree with you regard the process, she drew for you, only had two seconds to see and no comments or suggestions to her. She will start to do it.

    Secondly, she loves to gossip to her client. She mocked and laughed the previous customer was exaggerating which shocked me.