Monday, October 5, 2015

My Driving Journey @ Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)

Initially I was enrolled into Bukit Batok Driving Centre as a private automatic student, failed my first attempt for Basic Theory Test and subsequently passed the second time.

Thereafter, I had decided to convert to their school student and took manual driving instead. It was a tough decision but I wanted to learn the difficult way.

I remembered I took a few months before I started my practical lessons even though I had obtained my PDL after passing my Basic Theory Test, which I had to renew my PDL ($25 renewal) because I delayed a few months and the PDL had expired.

I took in total 29 practical lessons to clear stage 1 to 5, and 9 revision classes before my actual test date. Due to my work during weekdays, I could only learn during weekends, which means many weekends were burnt just to go for lessons and its actually more expensive! Majority of my driving expenses actually came from here, at the cost of $2,910.40! Not to forget the actual test date cost me $235.72.

Advantages of school is that they will let you go as many theory practices as you want before you book for your theory evaluation (like a mock exam). Once you pass the evaluation, they will let you take the theory test. During the initial stage as a private student, I have to self study and try to memorize as much as I can, heard that there are past questions for you to do but not sure where to find it.. Another plus point is school make sure you went through all the stages properly and guided you all the way until your test date.

And finally today on 28 September 2015... I have passed my driving test! I had gotten route 10 with 4 demerit points.

My experience at BBDC was great with my group 6069 especially Mr Lee B T and Mr Lee K H, and not to forget the forever friendly and helpful customer service personnel Mr Ching!

All in all, I spent around $3400 for a manual car license. Though it is really really expensive, but it is worth it considering I learnt from school, the safest way (especially for female drives like me =p)

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