Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1 Day JB Trip for Mother's Day

My mom suggested that we go JB, so decided to celebrate Mother's Day there. Prepared a few things to do for this short trip and decided to blog about it.
Kranji MRT Station > Bus 170 > Woodlands checkpoint > Bus 170 or 160 > Malaysia checkpoint > City Square
This is one of the ways to go, I believe there are many alternative routes but this is my preferred one. :)
Itinerary for the day
(1) Lunch at Kam Long Fish Head Curry
(2) Mani/Pedi at Nails Studio
(3) Massage at Thai Odyssey
Exchange rate as at May 2016
SGD 1 = MYR 2.87
Normally I will stay inside the mall for food but I chanced upon this curry fish head from some people's post saying that there are nice food around JB City Square.
So I decided to try it together with my mom. But my sense of direction not that good, even though I have noted down the directions, I was still lost LOL.
Anyway, you need to go into City Square Mall and take their escalator down to level 1, then exit from the left side, you should be on Jalan Wong Ah Fook road. Remember to turn to your left, at the first traffic light, cross it and keep walking straight along a row of old shop houses.
You will be greeted with a long queue, don't worry as the boss will be taking your order when it's about your turn and when there are seats, the staffs will ushered you in. As there was 2 person of us, we managed to get seats easier than a group of 5-6 people in front of us.



We ordered a medium one which is RM 33 and 2 plates of rice which is RM 2.

Total bill of this meal is RM 35, which is equivalent SGD 12 only :) But the fish meat not a lot, luckily there are other sides in the dish like ladies finger, tau kee and cabbage. The curry sauce is flavourful as well. Saw many people esp Singaporeans packed back after finishing their meals.


We had our medi/pedi at Nails Studio. As we only have 1 hour time to do, plus after calculating the massage cost that we are going to spend, I realized I won't have enough for gelish manicure.

Hence, I only did classic mani while my mom did classic pedi.
Classic mani + quick dry = MYR 40
Classic pedi + quick dry = MYR 50


We had book a 2 hour session of Traditional Thai Massage at Thai Odyssey. This was our first time here, decided to try since many people reviewed about this place.

So we spent MYR 313.80 = SGD 109 for 2 pax.

My mom liked it, but I didn't quite enjoyed the Thai Massage because its quite painful.. It's my issue definitely not the masseur. Nonetheless, we still tipped them because they are friendly and professional.

I would try Thai Aromatherapy Massage instead next time, but seems more expensive :x

My plan was to have a meal after massage before heading back to Singapore. However, it was already 4pm and I already made plan with my bf since it was also our 2 years anniversary together.
So we headed back and we had dinner together and watched movie. Really a simple date without spending a bomb.
Food that I wanna try at JB City Square: Penang Road Teochew, Canton- I, Dragon-I.
Thanks for reading! :)

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