Saturday, September 5, 2015

Staycation at Studio M and Ramen for dinner

My first staycation in Singapore @ Studio M!
This came at the right time because I was already exhausted with all the exams I need to take as well as attending work as usual, plus I still need to go for my practical driving lessons!
Best of all, it was a free stay given by a friend of mine, and I was honored to receive this. Initially my bf did not want to go as he thinks staying at a hotel in Singapore versus staying at home does not make any difference! (what a boring guy =X)
 When we reached the lobby and trying to register with the customer service personnel, they requested me to give them my Identity Card for identification. As I booked the room under my friend's name, I lied to them that I did not bring my IC with me, afraid that they would not allow me to check in if they found out it is different person.
So I argued a little with the receptionist, and my bf was in disbelief that I actually argued with them, and said he was okay not to stay and just walk around the area for dinner then go back home.
I was so persistent that I want to stay, because I was looking forward to it, and I messaged my friend about the incident. So eventually she came over to help us check in and went off after that. My bf was a little embarrassed that I actually asked her to come over to help us check in... =/
We booked the studio loft but was upgraded to premier loft instead. :)

Reviews are raving about the full length windows, and I can see why it is a popular place for girls to take pictures with the windows as background.


This is the place where we brushed our teeth and washed our face in the morning, with a basic mirror and basin.

Up the stairs, was the bed with a flat screen TV mounted onto the wall.

This is how it looks like if I look down from the top. haha, pardon the silly guy in the picture as he was unaware I took a picture of him in it and even uploaded here.

The bathroom which looks like a storeroom space to me, and opposite was the toilet.

This is how it looks like in the toilet. Anyway, no big deal since we only spent 1 night here.

Requested to take a picture with him before we headed out for dinner.

We walked over to Liang Court where we were looking for Japanese Ramen. This ramen restaurant is famous for their volcano ramen I think? But we ordered 2 sets of ramen with side dish, total up was only about $30++, I find it very worth it especially when the extra side dish was a bowl of rice with pork belly! There were condiments at the side, free hard boiled eggs and cloves of garlic for us to add in our ramen.

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