Monday, August 10, 2015

Updates on Life

Wow.. It feels so weird that I am sitting down here typing a blog post like I used to.

Anyway, just some updates on my life... Overall life has been NOT BAD, but work has been stressing me up (like always) since my boss (my so called portable encyclopedia LOL) been transferred out. Oh well... Life goes on, and there will be a replacement soon in mid Aug. Have too much changes in the office since my employment for almost 2 years (coming Sep 11).

But if you ask me will I stay on for long? Answer is, nope! Ever since my close colleagues aka lunch kakis left, I have been thinking what I want to do in life. Knowing that I will not do well, or looking forward to climb corporate ladder, I am really just work for the sake of working.

However, I already know what I want and with the passion, I know I will succeed and even able to help people. For the time being, I will do whatever I need to make my way there which I am very very excited!

Another exciting chapter is also to learn driving. Oh gosh.. sometimes I do regret taking up manual driving sigh. But I will just try and pass lor. Fail also wont die what. haha. In the near future, hope I can exercise and lift more weights (SQUATS baby!), take up pet grooming course and even do some community work at pets adoption center etc.

As for my love life, all I can say is its never smooth sailing. I will have to work out on my weaknesses and so does he. Though I can be very angry at him! Like asking for "sayang" or massage alllll the time. Been staying with him now, due to family and financial issue, I could not stay at my own house. Sometimes this can lead to many arguments with my boy due to my insecurities and low confidence. I don't know how people do it, and I am learning :) This is life.

Been catching up with my girls as well! I must say, I really thank them for their cheerfulness, always looking forward for meet up session even though it was just eating dinner and chillax. I hope to do this until we old, until we BO GAY.

Looking back my old photos, I realized I lost so much radiance as compared before working! Oh my goodness, what did work did to me? :'( I am a believer that happiness is more important than career. I don't want to be stress up for work get it? But if its for the passion and many upcoming trips, I will! Apart from the girls that I always meet, somehow... I missed the friends I had during poly days. I really did not know what happened that changed everything. One of the reason I heard was due to gossiping/talking behind their back. Who does not gossip? But all I know is, I mean no harm... I believe everything happens for a reason, those fond memories will always stays with me till I aged.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I can do more blog posts when I feel less lazy =P

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