Friday, April 3, 2015

Bangkok Trip: 26.02.15 to 03.03.15

Finally got some time to sit down to blog on our second trip - Bangkok.
Actually this trip was proposed by me to celebrate my 25th birthday there, so my poor bb has to follow "instructions". 
This was us at Changi Airport early in the morning to catch our 7am plus flight by Tiger Air.

After 2 hours of flight, we have finally arrived at the land of smiles!
Checked in Glow Pratunam on the 15th floor, and proceeded to unpack some of our clothing for the trip.

The bathroom was clean and basic, no bath though.

This trip did not have much pictures unlike our Taipei since Bangkok is very common for us.
Note: Pictures are not dated in chronological order.

Forgot where this was taken, I think we were at Siam Station nearby..

Sat down and relaxed at the outdoor and took some pictures :)
Pardon my tired bare face.. hehe

As I wanted to take a clear picture of us with the sunlight shining in while waiting for the lift, we were in the rush to snap pictures!
But okay la it turned out not blurry.. thanks to me. ahem.

This stall is already there when I visited Bangkok few years ago which is near Pantip Plaza.
My boy had to eat this almost everyday! Imagine the cholesterol level :x

One of my best buy there! My hot pink bunny passport cover =3 Love anything bunny, which is also my boy's Chinese zodiac.. no wonder I love him so much.

Had A&W for lunch too, love that chicken strips *drools*

Got to know that Meifang was also in Bangkok, stayed at the SAME hotel on the SAME DAY but left 2 days earlier than us.

So on their last night, we met up at night to go Thai's club with her bro, brother in law and my bf.

Did not drink much as I don't really fancy alcohol taste anymore.. the feeling of my stomach churning.. don't like it..

Planned a day to Cat café while we were at Bangkok as my boy loves animal like dogs and also cats.
This place sells the cutest cat merchandises which I felt like buying almost everything there!

Their cute menu :) 

This photo was taken with FEAR in me.
omg..... the cat actually stared at me and MEOWED when I was trying to stroke its back.
I guessed he didn't like it and I was being irritating =(

Thai milk tea in the cutest cup!
We bought 2 of this back for our own usage :D

Cats there are treated like kings and queens, whereby they are allowed to jump onto any tables to sleep.

Chocolate lava cake - quite reasonable priced but bb realised drinks are more costly than their food and desserts. Perhaps people usually order drinks and sit there whole day to see their cats..
Good thing is, there is no time restriction.

Part of their wall was painted with many cute cats and decorated with colourful balloons.
This place is very heart warming i feel.

One lazy cat...


Busy street of Bangkok.
Left- Big C supermarket
Right - Central World


Visited Hello Kitty (again) for my cousin.. LOL
She is so avid HK lover omg..

This couple popcorn cup and the eco-can is the cutest among all the buys I helped her to buy...

After photo taken, he suddenly commented "we looked like being photoshopped onto the picture"

Saw this cute van selling cute looking ice cream, so decided to buy.
I think it is VERY thoughtful of them to provide that plastic lid, to prevent melted ice cream will dripping!
Thais are known to be very creative, now I really know why.

We visited this cafe again on our last day, this time took pictures of this cat. BUT HIS DEATH STARE *cries*

That is the end of my Bangkok trip :)

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  1. sorry...i want to buy passport cover ..can you give me where can buy it? Thank you so much!!