Sunday, October 5, 2014

Taipei Trip: 18.09.14 - 23.09.14 (Day 5 - Day 6)

Day 5: Hello Kitty Café > Kong Kee Pastries > Shi Da Night Market > Holiday KTV

On our second last day, my initial plan was to go try Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan 金峰卤肉饭, visit Longshan Temple, and Huaxi Night Market. But we had a change last minute.

We had breakfast at MacDonald's. Its cheaper than Singapore and they have pork burger.

My boy told me that I wore my top inside out. LOL! He kept laughing at me... and even took a picture to show me.

See my buay song face?

Actually I do not have a liking for Hello Kitty, it's just a cat seriously.
But I'm here to get some plushies for my cousin who LOVES hello kitty.

Since I'm here, why not take some pictures with the cat with no mouth?

Okay, then we train back to Ximending to put our buys back in hotel.
While walking back, naughty boy wanted some ice cream, so we went into Cold Stone.

Wanted to get some souvenirs back for my family and colleagues, so we headed to Kong Kee for sun biscuits, taro pastries and pineapple tarts.

We then proceed to Shi Da Night Market around noon time.
Take train to Taipower Building MRT Station (green line) and exit no. 3

I remembered walking a long stretch of road, you can ask the students there because there is no specific ShiDa Night Market sign on the map.

We had our dinner at this Japanese style restaurant.
Love Taiwan's beef noodle :)


This drink is highly recommended by us!
Please get the large cup because you will be sipping throughout the journey and realised its gone in no time :)

The clothes there are more fashionable and suitable for Singaporeans, especially those kids you see at Orchard. You may want to go here instead of Wufenpu that kns place.

We headed back to hotel to changed something warmer, and headed to Holiday KTV.

LOL its a little hard to navigate around the screen as all Chinese words, my boy had difficulty reading all without any images of the singers.
So that's something you might want to take note, and their KTV comprises of a few storeys high.

Day 6: Taipei underground mall > Ximending > Taoyuan Airport

Its the last day in Taipei! We went back to Q square to walk around and back to Ximending for last Ah Zhong Mian Xian. Initially wanted to go back Yong Kang beef noodle but I was feeling uncomfortable to carry the backpack around with my stuffs inside.

Took photos with ah mao , the risotto dog LOL

hoo hoo... ah mao don't like naughty boy.

Q square interior looks like that. They even have locker for you to put your bags in, so nice of them!

FYI, there are a few malls in Taipei Main Station

Went to see see look look at their underground malls, nothing much so we went back Q square instead.

Back to ximending to get some more candies for people around us.

We had hired a cab driver over our hotel counter, the rate is NTD1100 = SGD 47.

As we left NTD300 to spare, we were looking for proper meal that cost NTD150 each.
Below is our early dinner before the flight!
Look at it, its filled with wholesome ingredients, inclusive of a bowl of soup and a bowl of red bean soup as dessert.

Couldn't believe it is so cheap lor.




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