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Taipei Trip: 18.09.14 - 23.09.14 (Day 3 - Day 4)

Day 3: Xi Men Ding > Ariel Le Café @ Taipei Main Station Q Square > Dan Shui Lao Jie > Fisherman's wharf > Shilin Night Market

We always try to wear similar colours when we are out :)

Finally tried the ever popular Ah Zhong Mian Xian, but it taste rather normal according to my boy.
I kinda like it, especially their chilli, its damn spicy!! But its good heat, not those that you will end up in diarrhea kind.

As we have some time before heading to Dan Shui, told bb that I wanted to try a café with waffles and cakes at Taipei Main Station Q Square.

We were walking around till 3pm plus, because we wanted to claim GST refund. LOL typical tourists but in the end we were not able to accumulate NTD3000 within a single day, so wasted.

So we realised many elderly will beg for unwanted receipts, then got to know that their receipts has lucky draw function every 3 months.

Okay, set off to Dan Shui! From Taipei main station, take the red line all the way up and alighted at Dan Shui Station.

Follow the crowd towards the sea, and walk all the way along the stretch with those old school games and stalls..

what got my boy excited is the squids over in Taipei, so cheap and huge.

Bought ferry tickets for round trip for about NTD200+ per pax, and we followed the queue behind us thereafter to 渔人码头.

That girl is damn extra -_-

We did not cross that lover's bridge as I have heard from my good friend that most of her couple friends ended up not together, so LOL, pantang abit ah.


Things we bought at Dan Shui Lao Jie are 薑母茶 and other flavours as well and a couple portrait of us, which the artist drew us in wedding gown and suit .. dot LOL. It's expensive around NTD700 and don't really look like us except my teeth! hahha

For Shilin Night Market, take the red back to Jiantan Station.

Things to eat here are:

+ Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang 大腸包小腸
+ Qi Shi Ma Ling Shu (Cheese Potato)
+ Ji Pai Chicken Cutlet
+ smelly toufu
+ fen yuan jia lu dou
+ Mango Ice
+ Lemon Aiyu Jelly
+ Shen Jian Bao

I like this :) I thought it would be too cheesy for me, but surprisingly I liked it.

Saw a snake in it and bb took out his phone to take a picture of it.

As we were too full, so we packed this chicken cutlet back to hotel for supper

Day 4: Wu Fen Pu > Ciyou Temple & Raohe Night Market > Ximending

We initially planned to go Taipei 101, but when we were on the third night, news have been speculating that the typhoon will come to Taipei plus the weather there started to drizzle, knowing that going to Taipei 101 will required some walking, we decided to forgo this plan there.

As it was drizzling at Ximending, we had Japanese ramen, and it is really damn shiok to eat.
Ahh I missed the ramen there, cheap and delicious. Not like Singapore's poor standard.

We ordered two bowls of ramen with drinks, 1 gyoza and 1 fried chicken.
If I remember correctly, the total bill came up less than SGD30, considering the bowl of ramen only cost about NTD 160 = SGD 6.80!

Tip #5: Try to avoid WuFenPu on Mondays as they usually cater to wholesaler's business.
PS// Honestly I don't like WuFenPu, their clothes are... not like Singapore and they generally sell the same thing.
So I suggest to forgo Wufenpu.

But if you still want to go, well, take train to Hou Shan Pi Station

Alternatively, you may want to take train to Taipei Main Station, then head towards to take TRA to Song Shan Station. If seems nearer and faster by taking TRA too.

But we took the MRT as we only realised it is nearer to take TRA to Songshan Station when we were heading back.


Some old school goodies displayed at Songshan Station

Went to Ciyou Temple to pray pray.. :)

Thereafter, we headed into the Raohe Night Market. As it was the start of the "typoon", there weren't many stalls opened :(

Things to eat:

+ Grilled scallops
+ Japanese Okonomiyaki
+ Yong Chun Juan
+ Snow Ice
+ Lu Rou Fan 须张 Zhang xu xu
+ Grilled squid ***
+ Hu Jiao Bing
+ Chen Dong Medicinal Spareribs
+ mushroom
+ smelly toufu
+ Chicken drumstick roll Ji Dui Juan
+ aiyu jelly

Tried this Hu Jiao Bing, its usually long queue, but no one is walking on the street so I got it within seconds. LOL

Duno considered lucky or suay?

Went back to Ximending since we did not have any proper meal at Raohe, we settled for below for dinner.


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