Friday, February 01, 2013

Nov BTO 2012 - SengKang

Contemplating between this 2...

Compassvale Mast
Premium flat with very good location and amenities.
It is 1 min walk to seng kang mrt and compasspoint shopping mall, community centre, police station, food court and eating house..
But it is $100k more compared to the standard flat below.

Rivervale Delta
Tried googling for review but seems that deliberately miss out this bto's review. Couldn't find detail review for this bto at all, even the website raremechanise something only showed a PARTIAL review which put some pictures of where is the wind & sun direction -.-"
Really cracking my head on which to choose. At first it was my firm decision to choose mast, as location is so good. But i am afraid that the loan will burden us.
Hence took a look at the google map feature on HDB's website for this 2 btos.
I started looking at the rivervale delta in street view, gosh, the walking distance to mrt is really far. Plus there are 2 temples which I have to walk past. The place is quiet.. but windy, really in dilemma!
Then i looked at mast, so much better can.. I don't know why i feel safer living in mast than delta :( but the unit i desired is on a high side which i foresee both our combined income is 4k to 4.5k..
And I stick to the rule of thumb of the loan must never be more than 35% of your income.
Will be going down to hdb to sunday. Hope everything will be fine.

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